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Slicepong asked 4 days ago

Hi Tom and Dan. This is kind of a continuation of Tom helping me with the smash, and mentally I’m much more confident. I really enjoyed your short, high ball video. It’s taken me many viewings but I have a good fell for it now. Actually, we will see many more of these type of balls than pure smashes. The nice thing about smashes is it’s closed bat and hit aggressively but not too quickly. Not much need to change the bat too much. With highish  and shortish, it’s more complicated. I struggle with automatically closing the bat to the right degree. Would you say the difference is you almost always use topspin on these and it’s flat and hit out on smashes? Basically, a kind of flattish top with the bat high and level with the ball is what I got from the vid. Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 days ago

Hi Slicepong, Yes what you’ve said there is pretty much spot on in that when it’s a highish, shortish ball it’s more of a flatter topspin drive than a pure out and out flat smash. You are trying of course to come over the top of the ball to keep it down but hitting through fairly flat to get the power but naturally with a close bat angle and coming over the top there will be some topspin on these types of shots still. Where as an out and out smash is very flat like you said.

Sounds like you have it pretty clear and accurate in your head, but it’s always nice to be sure what you are trying to aim for. I think adjusting the bat angle on the higher shorter balls will become more natural with practice and not rushing again as we spoke about before, it’s about being firm but not too forceful on these shots and gradually upping the power and speed when you feel the consistency is pretty high đŸ™‚

replied 3 days ago

Thanks again, Tom. It helps to know I’m on the correct path. Now, I just have to execute.

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