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maurice101 asked 2 weeks ago

I see many pros move the arm in the opposite direction to the backswing at the start of the serve.
This seems to add spin and makes the racket movement faster, making the serve harder to read.
You can also add this concept to normal shots by delaying the backswing and then doing a faster backswing.
Do you think this is a good thing to add to your serves?
Maybe a video on this could be of interest.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Maurice,

Apologies on the slow reply, I must have missed this question!

Yes I understand what you mean, sometimes this also helps with timing the contact to. We will definitely look at creating a video on this as you mentioned. I think it’s good to work on to improve acceleration and disguise too for sure.


replied 2 weeks ago

A lot of players take the racket back as the ball goes up instead of waiting for the ball to fall and doing a fast motion. Doing the above eliminates this issue I feel.

Academy Coach replied 2 weeks ago

Yes absolutely, with serving it does also come down to how you feel confident and comfortable too so it’s always worth trying these things to see it if works for you.

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