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Dipak1974 asked 8 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom.  I have follow up question regarding reverse serve and combining it with pendulum. I did ask this in a previous thread as It followed on from previous conversation but I’m not sure if older thread questions still get picked up.
Anyway following from a thread few weeks ago I have been practicing the reverse backspin and it’s seems to be ok, (effectiveness in game still to be tested) my technical question is stance from where it’s served from. When I serve the pendulum I’m square to table so more side on however when doing reverse as momentum needs to go forward with the action I find I’m starting more face on. It’s not to much face on, only a variant from the pendulum but to opponent it would become apparent from my body position whether I’m going to do reverse or pendulum before I serve it. My question is for pendulum should I be so sqr on? Should my body position and ball toss be the same whether I’m doing pendulum or reverse? Ideally I would like my body position the same whether I’m doing pendulum or reverse so it doesn’t advertise the type of serve too much in advance.
With current season concludes and potentially no league table tennis till October it would be good to really improve my already established serves.

Regards,  Deep

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Deep, we do usu sally pick up n further questions on older threads but it’s good you posted in a new thread to make sure 🙂

Yes you are spot on, that players will quickly pick up on which serve you are going to do if your body position is different. Being side on for the pendulum serve is correct and I would say if you can try to get this exact same position when doing the reverse and try to adapt and get used to doing it from that start position. You are right your momentum needs to go more forward with the reverse, so you can get this by using more rotation from the body and being sure that your wrist releases forward and not to the side too. If yo can get you body position and ball throw the same on both serves it will help a lot.

It’s great that you are focused on improving your serves and for sure the right time to do it now while there aren’t any matches going on!

Dipak1974 answered 8 months ago

Cheers buddy very helpful. Will try from side on and will alternate reverse and pendulum from same position and see how I get on. I will have to keep ball toss the same if possible as with reverse I find a low ball toss easier whereas with pendulum I’m ok with low or higher ball tosses. 

Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

My pleasure, yeah that’s great Deep give that a try and any problems or other help let us know 🙂

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