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maurice101 asked 6 months ago

I try to do a 2 serve combo with the second serve having different spin, or short or long and a different placement. For example, heavy backspin and no spin.
The question is what to do if one serve is wining a lot of free points.
Do I just continue to use this serve till it stops working.
Or do I continue to do the 2 serve compo but use the working serve a bit more.
Or do I just do the serve comb again and again?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hey Maurice

Great question. I would say keep up with the combo as that is usually what makes the serve effective. Keeping your opponent guessing is key to effective serves. The serve that is working well you can also have variations to it… for example the placement and length of the effective serve will also win you outright points or set yourself up for the 3rd ball attack.

Hope this helps 🙂

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