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maurice101 asked 6 months ago

I see some good players have a very short swing for serves. They seem to stop the forehand arm movement near ball contact and the wrist whips through. They can do other bat movements after ball contact to fool their opponent. I am trying this method and I seem to generate good spin and more control. Can you discuss this serve aspect please?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Maurice,

Yes this is the best way to serve and get a lot of acceleration but still maintain control. Its almost like the feeling of cracking a whip, the wrist is used to brush through quickly in contact to get the maximum spin.

If you can make your serve swin short and with a good acceleration then finish quickly you’ll find its easier to repeat and also create disguise as you mentioned above because its difficult to for the opponents to see the contact and soin generated when the bat movement is faster.

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