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lem496 asked 2 weeks ago

Hey Guys,
I’ve been practicing my serve a lot lately. I’ve noticed the quality of my serve goes way up when I serve from the forehand side of the table. My serve stays low over the net, my placement improves and serving down the line to my opponents backhand has forced some weak shots to my forehand. Last but not least I find getting in position to return my opponents shot more fluid and natural.
Can you think of any downside to serving from the forehand side of the table? 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 week ago

Hey Lem, usually people find it harder tonget back across quickly enough to the backhand side after serving from the forehand side. But if you are comfortable and find its much quality from there ,you should definitely experiment using it in matches to see how it goes. Quite a few plauers like to serve fromnthe middle so that might work for you as well.

The other thing to do is try to notice the difference between when you serve from the forehand and why its not the same from the backhand side. Maybe body or feet postion or ball throw or one oart is slightly different and then you can even be confident to serve well from the backhand too.

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