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Resznotes asked 4 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom,
A while back I asked whether shifting my grip between backhand and forehand was a liability, and you mentioned that a lot of players do it, and do so if it benefits my stroke. I’ve been thinking about grip lately as I try to improve my shot consistency. First, I was wondering if either or both of you shift your grip during play as well as any thoughts you have on the matter. Secondly, if I do shift my grip, would you recommend also doing so on flicks and other open up shots that involve returning a backspin ball? On my backhand, this results in a fairly closed bat, and I want to know if that makes returning a backspin ball more difficult?
Thanks a million,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hi Resznotes

Firstly yes both myself and Dan do shift our grips slightly during open play.

Secondly you can be shifting too much and it can hinder your transition between shots. If this happens the change between shots is too big.

I would try to resist having a different grip for each shot. Such as the flick and the open up. The adaptations should come predominately from else where such as the body.

Lastly, having too closed a bat on a backhand open up is a common problem and it does make it hard to lift the ball over the net. So just be careful not to go too far with the grip change.

I hope that helps 👍


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