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aisikowi asked 6 months ago

Will you be uploading videos that explains how to play with short pips and anti-spin rubbers?
I’m a traditional inverted rubber all-around leaning towards offensive style of player. I have recently purchased a few sheets of short pips and anti-spin to learn more playing styles, and I wonder if you are going to show instructional videos that reflects other playing styles then offensive using inverted rubber.
Amit Aisikowitz

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Amit,

Yes we are currently working on producing and releasing some videos that are focused on a variety of different playing styles, including using short pips and anti spin.

We want to cover all styles and how to be most effective using them as well as playing effectively with various types of rubbers. We’re always working on new content so hope to have some of these types of video on the Academy in the near future!

aisikowi answered 6 months ago

Hi Tom,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I’m looking forward for your next videos.

TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

No problem Amit, glad you are enjoying the Academy!

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