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darion888 asked 3 weeks ago

Hello guys,
I know that when it comes to the backspin ball serve, you should return it by touching the ball earlier before the top of the bounce to keep it nice and short. But the question is what if I want to cut the flat or underspin ball. Obviously, I think that I should use more wrist, but the question concerns the contact point. Should it also be done before the top of the bounce or maybe later?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey! Yes so with the longer push you also want to try to take the ball before the top of the bounce but just push through more under the ball with a longer contact and more wrist as you said. This will give the opponent less ime and also keep your push much lower. If you take the ball to late it’s hard to get the quality on the push and players can often attack then. So keep the early timing and try to be aggressive with the longer pushes as well! Dan 🙂

replied 3 weeks ago

Ok, I’ll try to apply it to my game :).

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