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Hamza Caratela asked 1 month ago

Hey guys, I’ve recently just been trying out the short touch. I can be able to get 2 bounces on the recieve and this catches a lot of players out. However once I start playing players better than me, I start using the short touch as well, to stop them attacking me strongly, or so I thought. My short touches has no spin at all and is easily attacked. How can I generate more backspin on a short touch? Right now I’m just taking the ball early and it mostly gets on to the table with 2 bounces on the other side. What can I do differently? Thanks.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Hamza, so to get more backspin on these shots it’s all in the way you contact the ball. It’s important to cut across the ball quickly and sharply with the rubber with a soft touch and keep taking it early like you are.

Also try not to move the bat too much forward, you need to move the bat slightly in a downward direction towards the bottom of the net, this will help cut under the ball and create more backspin instead of just dropping the ball over short but with no backspin.

Hope this helps! Dan 🙂

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