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Hamza Caratela asked 4 days ago

Hey Dan and Tom, I’ve noticed that as I’m trying to improve my shot selection I keep on clipping the top edge or my finger most of the time. I don’t know why this happens and I want to stop this happening. What can I do?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 days ago

Hey Hamza, yes I understand exactly what you mean as I’ve had the same problem in the past. This is mostly down to timing and not quite being jn the right position for the shot, then the ball can end up a bit late on the timing and you hit the edge or finder as you said. You need to keep doing lots of irregular drills to get better at reading where the ball will go and being able to react and move into position and play your normal shots. This takes time but is very important and a key area to reaching the next level. Multi ball can also be great for helping you speed up your reactions and improve in this area!

Dan 🙂

Hamza Caratela
replied 3 days ago

Alright Dam thanks for your guidance.

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