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Nomad asked 5 months ago

Hi Dan
In your previous response to my the question of feet position when playing counter topspin on the backhand further back from the table, you mentioned the importance of having the left foot slightly in front of the right. Over the years I have developed a bad habit of placing my right foot slightly in front of the left specifically when playing a backhand counter topspin (about 2 metres back from the table.)  This was to allow me to make the body and right shoulder turn less restrictive and so produce more power from a distance to the opponent’s side of the table.  
You correctly pointed out that it would be easier to switch from a forehand to backhand stroke if the left foot was slightly in front on both forehand and backhand strokes.
After some practise I discovered that by widening my stance to a more stable position (from 21inches to 30 inches approx.) provided 2 major benefits:
1)  This automatically lowered me even closer to the table. I could then determine the speed, spin and arc of the incoming ball more easily which gave me a fraction more time to adjust for a reply.
2)  From this wider stance I could change my weight from left to right leg (depending on whether it was a forehand or backhand stoke required)  and create sufficient power through body and shoulder turn to play a positive return and still keep the left foot ahead of the right (which made it easier to prepare for the opponent’s reply.)   Also by keeping on the balls of my feet I could move more quickly from side to side when necessary.
Thanks again Dan for your advice.  Let me know what you think about the changes. I look forward to seeing how the new improvements to my game work against an opponent.
P.S. I am currently refining my services under the heading of S.S.D.D.  (spin, speed, Direction, Deception)
Stay safe

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Dan Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey Alex, that’s great to hear that some of the feedback has helped and you have found good ways to integrate them into your game! The changes you have mentioned above all sound correct to me and I think woth practice on these areas you will see improvements.

Also the areas you have said you are working on serve are all the important ones, so definitely keep going with those, great work Alex and stay safe too 🙂

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