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lrezende asked 3 years ago

Hi guys,
   I’ve read this article explaining how to avoid spin. It’s still a lot of science for me. But one question came in my mind. I usually play against the spin. But reading the article I think it would be better to avoid the places where rotation are faster. It totally make sense to me… What you think?

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lrezende answered 3 years ago

Just as an example, Timo Boll in this game places his bat very strange to receive Ma Long service. It’s his first point of the game at 0:19… This is how I try to play, putting my bat to compensate the spin, playing against it… not avoiding it…

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

Hi Lrezende,

Yes in table tennis it’s very difficult to avoid spin, the best way is to learn to adapt and play against different serves and spin shots so you get used to it. Timo boll in that example receive is counter acting the spin by coming around the side of the ball and keeping it short to stop Making long attacking, which is a fantastic way to return sidespin serves when done effectively.

So if you can practice adjusting your bat angle for returning different serves that will make a big difference.

Any more questions let us know!

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