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scarlson1 asked 12 months ago

G’day Guys,
Quick intro, 46 years old from Tasmania, Australia. Started to play approx 4 years ago at club/comp level. I have an issue with falling backwards when trying to loop backspin. Any advice/training drills appreciated.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 12 months ago

Hi Scarlson1,

Yes I know what you mean with this problem, I coach a couple of guys who also struggle with this. The best way to improve it is getting someone to feed a lot of backspin balls to you or push back long to your forehand, when you play the shot try to imagine you are leaning forward and your weight is on the balls of your feet more.

Also often you will find if you take the ball to late and it drops to low you’ll end up leaning backwards, so try to focus on hitting the ball just after the top if the bounce, against backspin that is the ideal timing.

Lastly I would suggest to have a look at the start position of your bat, sometimes if the bat doesn’t start low enough against backspin you feel you have to lift with the body and you can end up rocking back. So as the backspin shot comes in, be sure to prepare early, so use your knees to bend low and drop the bat down below the height of the table which will allow you to explode back up and create the spin to get the ball over.

Hope those tips help and of course feel free to send us in a video of you doing this shot and we’ll be happy to analyse it.


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