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Nomad asked 3 weeks ago

Hi Guys
I have decided to try and add another dimension to my game in an effort to upset the rhythm of an opponent if required.  The link at the bottom shows (at slow speed) of how I could use some backspin defense to slow the game down. I would be using Dignics 09C on my forehand as the greater grip would give enough backspin to give the opponent some doubt if he was to continue with heavy topspin in his next shot. My idea is that this would give me an opportunity to get back on the offensive with heavy topspin of my own.  I use Dignics 80 on the backhand.
I have used a 75gm Tibhar Light Carbon blade for a number of years and it is getting chipped so I am looking to replace it before I get back to the club after lockdown.  I was looking at a ALC, ZLC  or Innerforce carbon blade with increased ‘high reaction area’ but the choice is too broad to make an educated decision on what would best suited to combine with the rubbers.  I wondered if you had any suggestions?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Alex, using a chop like this can definitely be useful when you arw forced away and want to stay in the rally and work your way back into the table. I think that dignics will certainly be a good rubber to be able to do these tyoes of shots with. Looks like you are keeping the ball nice and low over the net on the video which is one of the main points to get right.

I would say the innerforce alc would be a good choice,they have a nice feel abd maintain mire control than some other carbon blades but of course still have that carbon speed and power when you increase the speed too.

The main difference would actually probably be the weight of the blade if yours is only 75 grams you may find a blade like an innerforce feels quite heavy as they come in around 85/90 grams which is a big difference if you aren’t used to it. You may wabt to have a look at lightet options around.

Thanks, Dan

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks Dan
I am now considering the Innerforrce ALC.S version which is 82 gms.
I will let you know how it goes.

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