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ReeceTowe123 asked 10 months ago

Hi Dan or Tom,
I have been doing a lot of physical training lately and I am wondering should I train for strength or power in my legs for table tennis to improve power in my shots

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hi Reece,

I think the main thing to train more explosive power in the legs for those quick movements tou need on table tennis. Things like box jumps or bunny hops are really good. You can also build leg power into a speed work with ladder work as well which we have some videos on in the fitness section 🙂 strength is important but more important is power to be able to transfer this strength quickly through the ground.

replied 10 months ago

Thanks are there any other excercises which can help with developing this explosive power?

Academy Coach replied 10 months ago

Yeah you can do like side to side jumps/lunges which and great and very specific to table tennis! Jumping squats and one legged lunges are also both really good for explosive leg power!

replied 10 months ago

Thanks again

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