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Casperr_l asked 3 weeks ago

Hello coach!
I’ve recently switched to long pimples on my backhand, but I truly have no idea what I’m doing just yet. The only shot that I somewhat can control is a chop away from the table, but close to the table the ball seems to sometimes fly all over the place, and occasionally I seem to hit a ball very low and deep over the net. Do you have any video’s or or insights in the basic techniques for long pimples?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Casper, yeah it’s definitely difficult when you first switch to get a good feeling with pimples, it does take a while. So I think it really depends what kind of style you want to play with the long pimples, of course many players just go all out defending and chopping with them away from the table. But if you want to also use them up to the table then it’s quite a different feeling. If you are close to the table you need to try to take the ball early and have a relaxed grip and soft hands and almost just let the rubber do more of the work, if you try to play to hard or aggressive here it’s very hard.

What style are you trying to play with the pimples?

replied 3 weeks ago

Okay, sounds interesting!
I would say that in my game forehand is my biggest strength, and would like to use the pimples to get that in play. Chopping seems to go somewhat like how I want it to go, but close to the table (and where I usually try to stay) is what troubles me the most at the moment. I’m using Der Materialslecialist Kamikaze 0.5mm as pimples (was recommended for me by a local tabletennisshop).

Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

Ok that’s good you have a strong idea of what you are good at and how you want to play. So if you are trying to use the pimples to get your forehand into play then staying close to the table will be the way forward and just using the chopping if you really have to and get forced back. So I think the main thing at the moment is just getting lots of practice at people looping into your backhand and trying to get used to blocking and controlling the ball with the pimples close to the table. This will take some time to get the feeling for but it will be very important if you are going to stick with this style.

Experimenting with the contact and the timing will help you get a feel for the rubber and also staying nice and relaxed. Also after a while when you start to get more confident practicing a shot with the pimples and then getting a weak ball into the forehand and playing a strong topspin follow up.

replied 3 weeks ago

Okay, I’ll get to practicing as soon as I can. I want to record and sent it here to coach corner for feedback on my technique. Is that possible for the long pimples as well? 🙂

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