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ReeceTowe123 asked 1 year ago

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ReeceTowe123 answered 1 year ago

In matches I try to loop but always mess it up it just feels unnatural to do it however I have no issue staying close to counter attack. Should I force myself to topspin more or just play this close to the table style using their attacks against them

TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Reece,

The best way is to form your game style around your strengths and what you are comfortable with. Of course you can still work on the looping game but there’s no point trying to force yourself to play a style which isn’t natural. Find what works best for you and maximise your strengths as well as trying to work on areas you think are weaker and can add to your overall game.

Everyone in table tennis has different styles and that’s great, a staying close counter attacking game is actually very similar to my style and I find this works very well for me 🙂

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