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Don asked 2 years ago

Hi, among other deficits on my side, I have problems against players having a strong topspin forehand with considerable sidespin. I am right- handed, and there is a member in my club (also right handed) who is able to drive me nuts with this. I have considerable difficulties to get the spin right, having a bad distance to the ball, and am driven too much outside the table, being finished off with his longline or  very good backhand cross.
Do you have suggestions how to meet such opponents? Or tackle those kind of balls?  I sometimes try to take the the ball earlier, but somehow this does not work out so well, as I never know what kind of spin I should put in the ball myself and where to place my ball. Thanks and keep up the good work…..

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hey Don,

Yes this is definitely tricky when you come up against these type of shots. The best way is to try to add your own topspin back to the opponent and this will help control the sidespin and allow you to place the ball where you want easier. So try to really focus on brushing the ball well and trying to accelerate through the contact to get your own spin on it. Sometimes the best way is also trying to resctrict these type of players from using thier forehand too much, so try pinning him down the backhand corner and I’m sure he will start to move around and use his forehand from there which will leave gaps wide in his forehand corner open to attack.

Lastly I would say you do have the right idea to try not to be forced back, stay close and at the table. With practice at doing this and trying to play a positive topspin shot back I think you will see a difference!

Let us know how you get on. Dan 🙂

replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try…

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