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Slicepong asked 3 weeks ago

Hi Tom and Dan. Happy  Holidays to you guys-Covid edition. I was re-watching your tension vid  wondering  if you advocate exhaling at each shot? I worked on that with tennis and I’m trying to incorporate that in table tennis. Just saying relax really doesn’t  help most people and consistent breathing helps me stay fairly loose and also helps me focus. Your thoughts? Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Slicepong, happy holidays to you too! Breathing and controlling it is definitely a great way to stay relaxed, we’ve been meaning to create a specific video on this actually! Exhaling on each shot is a good way of staying relaxed and can actually help with timing for some people too. As long as you aren’t forcing out breath and just focusing on keeping loose in your upper body especially then it can work really well 🙂

Cheers, Tom

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