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Resznotes asked 6 months ago

Hi Tom and Dan,
In order of importance, what are three most essential reasons for including substantial spin in both the forehand topspin and the backhand topspin? I have my guesses on what you will say as well as you ordering of priorities, but I want to check to see how well I match up. Feel free to surprise me.
Also, if a player is looking to increase topspin on a backhand topspin shot, what would you recommend doing?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 6 months ago

Hi Resznotes, the 3 most important reasons for adding more spin would be for safety in your shots and more margin for error, making the ball more difficult and hard to control for the opponents and also adding more control and quality to your strokes, including controlling direction and depth of your shots. I would say in that order to.

For increasing the spin on the backhand side I would say be sure to have a look at your bat angle and make sure its nice and closed, focus on a relaxed wrist and brushing it forward on contact. Lastly just a smooth action and being sure to get a light contact on the ball. Thanks, Dan

replied 6 months ago

Thanks, Dan. I had anticipated reason #1 and #2, but you taught me something new with #3. I had not considered the benefit of topspin being an important element of placement. I’ll keep that in mind!


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