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lem496 asked 2 years ago

Hey guys I took your advice and tried to stay  close to the table in the  tournment I played in this past weekend.  I had great success using your video as a guide. The problem I would have against some of the very strong players is getting stuck close  blocking and  unable to move away from the table. During these rallies I felt that I was under way more pressure than my opponents and would start to feel like a deer stuck in the head lights of an oncoming car. Even when I took the ball with my pips I couldnt slow the play down enough to switch to attacking with my forhand. My question is 2 fold 1) How do I turn the table on my opponent when I get in this position? 2) How do I manage to get away from the table and position myself for a forehand attack?
The good news I went up 230 points. All the events I entered were with much higher players. I made it into the semi finals in the U1900 event and finals in the U1600. My USATT rating now is a respectable 1583. My goal was 1500 by years end.
Thanks for all your help and encouragement
As usual stay safe,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hey Lem!

First off that’s great to hear you felt it helped and that your results have been going well, congratulations on the new rating!

I would say that best way to avoid getting stuck at the table like this is mostly about the placement but f your shots and trying to force the opponent out of position and to play a weaker ball. So really trying to play wide out to the angles or alternatively into the body/crossover position which can often cause a weaker shot from the opponent.

Also its possible to try and play nice and aggressive with the pimples when at the table and then immediately take a small step away to give yourself that extra time needed for a forehand attack.

Let us know how you find this and keep up the good work!

Cheers, Tom

replied 2 years ago

I’m working on being aggressive with pips. The learning curve with them can be a bit steep. Maybe “somebody” can create a video on being aggressive with long pips. 😉

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