Coach CornerThe question about legality of the reverse pendulum serve
darion888 asked 4 weeks ago


I’ve got a question concerning the legaility of serving (particularly reverse pendulum serve). So basically I’m familiar with the serving rules. But when it comes to the reverse a pendulum serve I have some doubts. So I always try to contact the ball a little bit away from table, but the question is if it okay to go with your bat a little bit forward above the table after the contact?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Darion,

Yes that’s absolutely fine to bring the bat over the table after the contact, definitely no problem. You just can’t throw the ball or contact it over the table but finishing your action above/over the table after the contact is absolutely fine 🙂

replied 3 weeks ago

Ok, thanks. So basically if I just toss the ball up behind the end line, above the table surface in a vertical way will I always get a legal reverse pendulum serve? The problem with that serve is that I’m not so aware of my position after contacting as with other serves because I have to rotate etc. 🙂

Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

No problem, yes that’s right! Yes there is more rotation in the reverse compared with some other serves but it sounds like you are focusing on the right areas. As long as your throw and contact is behind the end line and above the table your serve will be perfectly legal 🙂

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