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Jammmail asked 1 year ago

Hi guys
Im filling in for my league teams A team tonight in the premier, It’s a much higher standard than I usually play. Theres no pressure on me as they are top ranked players but equally i want to play well and show a good account of myself even if I don’t take a set let alone a game.
Is there any tips or few things to keep in mind?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Jimmy,

That’s great to have an opportunity to play some stronger players and get experience against them first of all!

So I would say the main things to keep in mind are to try and enjoy it and also focus on what you can control and don’t over think about the opponents. So focus of serving well and playing to your strengths, it’s easy when player better players to focus on them and worry about their shots and in turn miss put on making the most of your own game.

If you can do the basics well and try to be solid as well, just because your playing better players doesn’t mean their immune to mistakes so try not to force it and rush as well. Other than that really just go out and play with freedom as you said you have nothing to lose so enjoy it!

Cheers, Tom

replied 1 year ago

Thanks Tom – some great points there, really appreciate it!

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