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Nomad asked 1 week ago

Hi Dan/Tom
I recently sent a question about combination bats which had pimples and rubber on each side. What I found difficult to judge was when I opened up with a forehand or backhand topspin and it was returned with a block from the pimple side (no sponge) taken early and close to the table.  The ball seemed to ‘float’ over the net before starting to dip with the backspin (reversed from my topspin) onto the table.  If I was to continue with another topspin and it was returned again in the same way it would have built up more backspin. Have you any suggestions on the timing of the topspin against this type of blocking game or another tactic I could use. I normally play close to the table (about an arm’s length) but I am thinking it might be better to take a step back and wait to the ball loses some momentum before either trying to topspin again or even mixing with an aggressive push to hopefully give me a weaker return?
I don’t have the same problem with playing against pimples when the opponent is defending back from the table as I have more time and options I can use.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 7 days ago

Ok Alex, so I feel the best thing to do in this situation is try to play with very little speed or spin over to the pimple side, this makes it very difficult for themnto create spin and of course without much speed on the ball also generate speed too. By giving them nothing you basically get back nothing. Tey to keep a relaxed arm and stay smooth in your shots without too much power and wait for a ball ypu can attack stronger, maybe into the body or opposite side. Like you said if you keep playing woth more abd nore topspin the returns get more difficult for you, so tey to avoid that.

With the timing, still top of the bounce is ideal but definitely not too early as this can cause errors, so take your time and take a very small step back if you need but I think if you do whaf I’ve said here you’ll find you can probably stay at your usual playing distance.


replied 7 days ago

Thanks Dan
That makes good sense. Hopefully my next with this type of game will be easier..

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