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Slicepong asked 1 week ago

Hi Tom and Dan. I often arm it or don’t move my legs to get the core involved, etc. What do you think of using visual cues of the bat position to help this? On the forehand topspin, the bat should be well behind me and low when the weight is on my left toes (I’m a southpaw) so I’d visualize the bat low and behind. On a backhand flick, the bat is near the body when you step so that you can hit in one smooth motion, so I visualize coiled and stomach.  Your thoughts on visual hacks?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 week ago

Hi Slicepong,

Yes I think visual cues and visualisation is a really good way to learn and improve areas of shots. To me it sounds like you are spot on with your visual ideas as you said for a southpaw this would be correct!

We’ll definitely create a video on this because there arw others you can use in different shots too. As soon as we are able to film after the coronavirus situation we will make this.

replied 1 week ago

Thanks Tom. I don’t blame you staying six feet away from Dan……just kidding, you guys are great! Stay safe, with lots of robot time.

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