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Nomad asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Guys
First of all, my compliments on your latest videos which were well produced and detailed.  The change of pace video I found very relevant to my own style of game as I use this technique to upset the opponent’s rhythm and open up attacking opportunities.
The tip on raising the elbow using backhand flick hack on short balls with heavy backspin was spot on. When practising this technique I found that when I raised my elbow higher and stepped closer to the short, heavy backspin ball, my hand was able to rotate back at almost 90 degrees to the forearm which allowed me to generate more speed or spin and also the ability to change direction as described in the video.
Regarding the high toss video:  I have used this when practicing service action and what I found interesting was the the reference to timing.  Usually when producing a high toss serve I throw the ball up with my left hand (as a right handed player) about 4 feet. As the ball is thrown up my right arm would move out to the right in preparation to contact the ball on the way down. This was the technique I use with a shorter throw up of the ball.  When watching Dan’s demonstration I noticed that he took a very short backswing then came forward almost like a ‘ghost serve’ before taking his arm back again in a normal backswing then contacting the ball as it came down in the forward follow through. I think this could be a useful method to make timing more consistent as from the initial throw up of the ball the right arm is in constant motion and not having to hesitate or stop to wait for the ball to reach the correct level.  However, although it could be useful for timing purposes I think it may take practice (as for any serve) to develop ‘muscle memory’ for the timing aspect.
In Tom’s demonstration he took his bat straight back initially with a slight hesitation before contacting the ball so I will try both.  

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Nomad, that’s great glad you enjoyed the latest videos! We tried to make videos that we have found players we coach have found difficult in the past and some things we found that helped them correct them.

Definitely try my technique and also Tom’s on the high toss serve because everyone finds different things work for them. Great to hear you’ve already been thinking about the topics in these videos and how they can help your game!

Dan 🙂

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