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Slicepong asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Tom and Dan. Hope you guys are Vaxxed and relaxed. I was watching a vid where Timo Ball said  when he hits his amazing  lefty spin forehand  he also attempts to hit short on the table so the opponent has to hit a defensive shot. Do you have any tips on how we mere mortals might incorporate that? Is it having  a very short follow through through like TB or hitting a wide angle? Thanks.  

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

HEY Slicepong, not had our vaccines yet but we’re both good thanks! I would say the best way is thinking about positioning on the table of your shots because the way Timo does it is very tough, getting it to land short. But you can force the opponents into a defensive shot by playing with good quality spin into the body or wide into the angles as you said. This makes it more unlikely that they can counter attack you. Also keeping the spin quality but also the ball not to high over the net so it stays low on the opponent’s side. To do this is about getting the right timing and not letting the ball drop too low. Timo is certainly not human I know that!

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