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Casperr_l asked 2 months ago

So recently I tried to buy, cut and glue my own rubbers to my blade. Everytime I try to get te rubbers to the blade they aren’t straight, and when I try to adjust them half of the glue comes off. Any tips for this? Because it can be quite frustrating.
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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Casper, yeah this is definitely annoying and it does take time and practice to get really good at glueing rubbers. I would say try to line up the logo at the bottom of the rubber with the centre of the blade handle and make sure you have a good roller to put on the rubbers as well this really helps. The last tip is to make you put the rubbers on quite slowly and smoothly. So if you can line up the logo and then press the rubber down at the bottom of the blade by the handle so it’s stuck while holding up the rest of the rubber,then roll down the rest right up to the top nice a smoothly. This will really help I think. Tom 🙂

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