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Ejblache asked 4 weeks ago

Hi guys,
Thanks for the tips on my forehand. I now wanted to get any tips or changes you might suggest for my backhand. I’m still not sure I fell like I’m doing a true loop, it feels more like a slightly more spinny drive. I also took a couple videos to show how my shots change when I have to move. 


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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey, no problem I’ve just watched the video you sent and it looks good! To be honest there’s not always a clear difference between a loop and a spinny drive, it’s always something in between usually and adding more or less spin depending on the situation and the ball played at you so that’s nothing to worry about. What I really like is your body position, you are nice and low with your weight forward that will help a lot long term with improving the shot even more. I think the overall technique is also very good, I would say the main area to focus on to improve right now is keeping a slightly more relaxed arm, so trying not to let the forearm grip in the bat get too tense and thinking about a loose and smooth action as you hit through the ball, this will help you be more relaxed and also get more acceleration when needed.

Against the backspin balls try to get down in the legs and prepare a bit earlier, again nice technique I just think if you get down earlier and explode more with the legs, keeping your body leaning forward you will get more shot quality. Your movement is nice and compact and I would actually say the best drill for you is more of the random one at the end, this helps with anticipation and trying to keep the shot correct when you don’t know the placement, overall though looking very good! Let me know if you have any questions on the feedback there, Dan 🙂

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