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SenseiJM asked 3 weeks ago

Hello TTD Team,
I have already a wide variety of serves, but have difficulties placing them just behind the net.
All my serves are getting one bounce on the opponent’s part of the table, and I would like them to have two or more bounces.
Could you give any tips on that ?
Thanks in advance !

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey! Ok so there a rw a few things that will help with this, the first is the bounce on your screen de of the Table. If you can aim for the first bounce to be halfway up your side of the table then it should be two bounces on the opponent’s side as long as you do t go for too much acceleration.

If you find they are still long, you’ll need to try to get a lighter touch on the ball, you still want to try and have a good acceleration through the contact otherwise you won’t get much spin. But sometimes the contact can just be too hard and thick, so it’s important to really focus on a light touch on the ball and brushing it well.

If you still find it’s going long, start to slow down the serves and reduce the spin slightly until you can get the control and length, then gradually add more acceleration and spin as you feel you can. I hope these first tips help and I’m sure with practice you’ll start getting better at keeping them short.

Let us know how you get on and if you have any other questions.

Tom 🙂

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