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[email protected] asked 3 weeks ago

hi there.  novice ? here.  how often (if ever) would a player using normal inverted rubber ever chop in a game?    I’m asking because i’ve heard from a few people that chopping is in the domain of pips players, not inverted rubber players.  Is this not true?  if it’s not true…when’s a good time to chop?  a full chop or a chop block?  would like to learn more on this. 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Steve, so you can chop with inverted rubber for sure and some very good players do this. But most of the time a chop would only be used in an emergency by attacking players with inverted rubbers, so when they get forced away and being right out of position. The chop block is very tricky to learn but can be used a lot more and it’s good to break up the rhythm of the opponents. It really depends on your playing style and the way you are trying to play.

Dan 🙂

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