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Taif-Basheer asked 8 months ago

Dear Mr. Dan / Tom
Kindly inform me about the top ten fastest shake-hand blades in the world I can buy now from the market and their speed ratings as your evaluation. (I use Garadiya T5000 with Dignics 80 both sides but I feel I need faster than that).

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Taif, the t5000 is a very quick blade so you must like them really fast! The primorac carbon, zjk super zlc are both really fast. I’ve also head the Joola quatro is very quick as well. Then you have the dhs long 5x, Schlager carbon is famous for being really fast too also stiga cc7 and Boll tri carbon. Those are the fastest I can think of right now. Some of them aren’t that new or modern but are all definitely quick!

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