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Slicepong asked 10 months ago

Hi Gentlemen. Quick follow up if you don’t mind. I realize going over my last match that I’m still in the tennis mindset of hitting topspin by going up the back or back side of the ball. But for block , counter spin, or side spin I should be aiming for the top of the ball, correct? It’s only on backspin, that I aim for the back of the ball, right? And obviously, by aiming for the top of the ball you automatically close the bat. Old habits die hard. Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

No problem Slicepong, yes thats spot on you only want to aim more on the back of the ball when playing against backspin, for others as you mentioned you should be aiming to hit more on too of the ball and brushing over with quite a closed bat angle which naturally it has to be if your focused on hitting on top of the ball.

As long as you get a good acceleration and nice fine brushing contact then you will have no problem generating good spin quality on all your shots!

replied 10 months ago

Thanks, Tom. It helps to hear you say I’m on the right mental track. The physical part should be a piece of cake! Well… Thanks again.

Academy Coach replied 10 months ago

No problem at all! You’re definitely on the right track, just keep up the good work!

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