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Slicepong asked 10 months ago

Hi Tom and Dan. I’m still struggling to produce topspin on both sides and I now feel it’s because I use only the coil on the forehand (and bow on the backhand) to bring the bat back- like in tennis. There’s more time in tennis and usually this is fine. So, should I coil AND use the shoulder at the same time to bring the bat back? I think doing both will be faster and give me time to measure the shot. I’ve worked hard on the linear backswing, but I still feel rushed and late. Thanks.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hi Slicepong,

Yes this backswing is really important to get right I feel for most players. Definitely tey to use the body rotation and shoulder as well as coiling the bat back, as you said it soeeds things up and gets you into a good position quicker. One very important part of the backswing is trying to stay relaxed with all the body parts moving back, if you get tense it means your fighting against your body and not working with it, so really focus on being loose and relaxed in the backswing, especially with the arm and shoulder.

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