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xxx asked 8 months ago

Hi again guys!
Today want to ask you how to build a training program when you’re intermediate player to gain maximum effort. I mean what do you think as coaches how many training days and local champs in which you participate should be at each week, how many days for the rest, maybe physical or serving to progress faster. For example I’m from Moscow, I train twice a week and play one or two local tournaments (take place every day from ten to fourty players with different rankings) 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey xxx,

Ok so I would structure your week to try to fit more training sessions,so instead of 2 training sessions and 1 or 2 tournaments I’d suggest 3 training sessions and just 1 tournament to maximise the time you spend working on weaknesses and then putting them into practice in the tournament. Of course if you can train more that is even better, as for physical training I would suggest probably no more than twice a week working on simple body weight and core strength drills and not with heavy weights. This will leave you a day or two for recovery when you aren’t training.

Serve practice I would recommend as much as possible but for a short period each time, for example 4 or 5 days a week but just 20-30 minutes each time to maximise benefit and get the best focus.

The way to plan the training is to understand your strengths and most importantly your weakness so you can focus on these areas in your practice. The best way to do this is to film your matches and practice sessions so you can really analyse what needs improvement.

I hope this gives you a good idea of a schedule and any questions feel free to get back to us 🙂

replied 8 months ago

thx Tom, wanted to say that I’m 30 years old, I train for 2 years already twice a week (mostly in local clubs with groups under coach) each training session lasts for 2-3 hours including 1-2 physical training each week, on the beginning year I trained thrice to build up technique but played tournaments very seldom. And of course I got questions on what you adviced)) I’ll put them in next post

replied 8 months ago

1. If it’s ok to train daily? For example on Monday I train in groups, we mostly target on exersices for qiuck movement, open attack from both sides after service, tactics etc including multiball after it I usually train my services for an hour, sometimes it feel hard for legs and knees so what I gonna do next day? train or take a rest or maybe go for service training?
2. After two years I realized that tournaments show much more moments to work with than training sessions because when you train a lot it becomes routine, you lose focus and start to work automatically without progress, maybe its because not everybody has its own coach)) what do you think abot it?

replied 8 months ago

oh man, I somehow missed one of your latest video called “how much to practise to improve your game” which contains some ideas for my topic

Academy Coach replied 8 months ago

1. It sounds like you’ve got a good set up with good structure to your training! Ok, so as you said sometimes after a hard training on the legs it’s difficult to train the next day, one option is a light training session including mostly serve and return drills or another option is just serve practice to allow your body to recover, you just have to see how your body feels and judge what is best. One thing that helps to recover quicker is make sure you do a good cool down and stretching after your training and you might find that you are then able to practice the next day.

2. Yes tournaments definitely show your weaknesses much more than training, as you said it can become automatic in training. I think the best way to stop this is by trying to do more irregular drills so you are not sure where the ball is going, just like in a match. The more you do these drills in training the better it gets in match play. Also even without your own coach you can learn and improve by filming yourself to see where things can be improved in your game, try to always analyse yourself and really focus on those certain areas for improvement and also keep working on your best shots and strengths too!

This should give you some good ideas I hope!

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