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Bobv asked 4 months ago

Hi guys, 
So, I have been working on third ball attack. My question is when do I know (or would you suggest) that I serve and stay at the table, vs. serve and fall back into the defensive zone and loop and chop from there? I hope this makes sense. Thanks! 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hi Bobv,

The answer to this one mostly all revolves around the serve you do, or return of course. I think ideally for your style you want to generally fall back into your more defensive zone and chop and loop slightly away from the table and use the attack/staying at the table as more of an occasional option. Overall I think this way you can be more consistent and build a solid gane whilst still using a quick attack close to the table when possible.

I also feel the answer to this one mostly all revolves around the start of the rallies so the serve you do, or return of course and the first shot. Ideally you want to serve mostly shirt so your opponents can’t attack too strongly at you, however sometimes this isn’t possible and the serve or return may be able to be attacked by your opponents meaning you need to drop off and chop to give yourself time.

Sometimes with this style you play it’s good to throw in a long surprise serve and try to attack quickly to keep the opponents guessing too. But I think overall your main game plan should be to fall into a comfortable position for you to chop and loop away from the table.

I hopr that makes sense and anything else let us know!

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