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TomEckert asked 2 years ago

Dear Tom and Dan,
First of all, keep up your great and inspiring work!
It would be truly awesome if you guys can also do a series of videos that explain
the workings of table tennis rubbers and bats. The reason I’m suggesting videos
and not articles, is because the visual and dynamic nature of a video makes it much
easier to understand.
I personally, as a developing TT player and enthusiast would love to be able to 
enrich myself with more understanding about the equipment that’s available in
TT, what are its advantages and how and when it should be used.
Is that feasible on your end?
Thanks so much!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hi Tom, thanks for your nice comments! We will definitely be adding more videos on equipment, rubbers and blades etc and bringing our knowledge from the TableTennisDaily equipment reviews onto the Academy as well!

I can totally understand what you mean about videos, I also find I can learn a lot more by watching the visual nature and the way things can be described and demonstrated. It definitely makes sense to want a better understanding of equipment and what’s what in that area. Whilst equipment isn’t everything it and a lot does come down to personal preference, it still certainly helps to have good knowledge and know the advantages and disadvantages of different equipment like you said.

Once this lockdown at the end of the month in the UK here is over we’ll be adding more videos every month again and we’ll create some videos that go into detail on understanding more about equipment for you!

Cheers, Tom

replied 2 years ago

Fantastic Tom thank you for your prompt answer!
Yes I’m fully on board with you that equipment isn’t everything, especially not for someone who isn’t playing professionally. Nevertheless it’s enjoyable to know more and to some degree valuable.

Stay safe and looking forward to seeing your videos on the subject!

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