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ReeceTowe123 asked 12 months ago

I have recently switched to dhs hurricane 2 from hurricane 3 the main differance beyween these rubbers are that h2 has a low throw angle and i have found that when I go for heavy topspin the ball shoots off the end even with lower angle but i dont have this problem with faster topspins do you know whag could cause this because this shot would go on with the hurricane 3 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 12 months ago

Hey Reece, sometimes when switching rubbers,even to something similar, it takes a while to adjust to the difference in feeling, throw angle etc. Most likely it’s just learning to brush slightly softer on the ball with the hurricane 2 and making sure your body stays low and forward. Of you still find these heavy spin shots go off the end, you’ll need to adjust the bat angle and get it slightly more closed. Hope you get on well with it!

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