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ReeceTowe123 asked 12 months ago

I am confused with what it means by variation of shotd does it mean playing 1 forehand at something like 90% and then the next one at 50 or does it mean do 1 slow spinny shot andthen one power shot or is it both? Or could it also be completely changing the type of spin? Are there any ways i can practice this to make it completely subconscious over time?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

Hey Reece, so variation against better players is changing the placement of your shots and tempo,like tou mentioned one slow spin shot and then more power etc. I think playing a simple drill like forehand open up against backspin and then play forehand topspins but trying to focus on changing the speed and spin against a block, this will help it become more subconscious.

Also just having this focus in games to really add different placements and spin/speed variety to your game. So the opponents don’t get into too much of a rhythm and find you easy to predict.

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