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hbetz asked 1 year ago

Butterfly provides a blade matrix, consisting of vibration and reaction property, e.g. in . Is this of actual value and does it apply to non-carbon-blades as well? Does higher vibration stand for a harder blade? Does it give a better feel or more control or bigger sweet spot?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hi hbetz,

The vibration value you have mentioned there can be of value in terms of the feeling and does apply to all blades not just carbon.

Higher vibrations in a blade usually means you feel the ball more and therefore it offers more control, and sometimes means that they can be lighter or softer as well.

It will give slightly more feel with higher vibrations but not necessarily a bigger sweet spot. I hope that helps and any other information you need,let us know 🙂

replied 1 year ago

… and reaction property? With higher values more kick-back or catapult effect of the blade?

Academy Coach replied 1 year ago

Reaction property is basically how quickly the ball rebounds off the bat, so yes basically the catapult effect as you said.

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