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maurice101 asked 8 months ago

I do a great forehand into the backhand corner. It has spin and pace. My opponent just blocks it down the line for a winner. How can I train not to watch the ball!!!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Maurice, yes this can be very frustrating! I actually think the best way to deal with this specific situation is to just alter your placement slightly, if your able to play just slightly more towards the middle area and not right into the backhand corner you’ll find the opponents crossover and they won’t be able to block it as easily.

However on the point of watching the ball a good drill for this is using multi ball as you have to recover even quicker than normal and be ready for the next shot. Another way is to practice this situation of playing into the backhand corner and then being ready straight away to move to your wide forehand.

Lastly I would suggest trying to really focus more on your opponents side and thier body language to avoid watching your shots, this also allows you to pick up clues as to where thier shots will go and spin etc. Hope those tips will make a difference!

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