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cos asked 8 months ago

hi,  recently i try to implement weight transfer in my game/ shots and i find very dificult to do it,  i realise that is verry important for having more power in the shots and for energy management,  for me the problem is that i try to implement in the first shots and after few topspins i get back to my old routine ( of not doing it),  im curious how you guys learn to do this, or any advice is really apreciate, 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Cos,

Yes weight transfer is definitely important in being efficient and generating more power. I think the best way is what we talk about in one of our latest videos, the energy store and release, so definitely watch that video. In there we speak about using the counting in your head and breaking down the shot into 2 parts so you don’t rush and get a better weight transfer.

Also taking more time with each shot and making an effort not to rush helps this weight transfer. Focus on keeping a relaxed arm and getting a fast acceleration, this way the main power of the shot has to be created more from the legs and body which means you have to keep concentrated on the weight transfer. Keeping a relaxed grip and arm will make a difference for you I think, it gives more focus on the weight transfer as I said and stop you going back to your old habits 🙂

Let us know how you get on and if you have any other questions.

replied 8 months ago

thx for the answer, i noticed aswell that i have a lot of tension in my body while playing and this is the reason why im feeling fatigue,

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