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Asgeir Snyen asked 4 weeks ago

I am recently been having quite a dilemma when working on my serves. I was playing a lot in the ages from 13-17 but because of the fact that I moved I had to stop playing since it was just not possible in that current situation. But Since I am back after 6 years my service game has massively decreases and is still noticeable after 6 months back granted I have not done the necessary training yet. But now to my question
When building serves from scratch as I need to now. Is it better to focus on serves with much spin as I can do now or should I start and work on serves with not as much spin but is more well hidden with my body and bat angle?
Sorry if it was confusing but I would love any tips I can get 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Asgeir, I would say it’s a bit of both, so trying to improve the spin on your serves is important but also being disguised and hard to read for the opponents. I think the main thing is having 3 or 4 serves you are confident with and can mix up the spin and placement on the table, this makes it hard for opponents as they always have to change their returns and they are not sure where its going. I would try to spend a bit of time each day, or 3 times a week at least to really focus on the serves as it’s very important.

Dan 🙂

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