Coach CornerServe and ReceiveWhat bat angle adjustments we when push or touch for short sidespin serves with top/ backspin?
SidTT asked 2 months ago

Hey guys,
I watched the following three videos in detail on how to return the sidespin serves:

  1. The Differences In Returning Side/Topspin And Side/Backspin Serves:
  2. Returning Short Heavy Sidespin Serves:
  3. How To Return Tricky Long Sidespin Serves:

So, for a long sidespin serves (be it sidespin topspin or sidespin backspin) we should spin up. If long sidespin backspin then more open bat face and brush up the ball and if long sidespin topspin then more closed face then brush over the ball.
For short sidespin serves we should flick or push/touch the by brushing the side of the ball.
My question – when we push or touch for such short sidespin serves by brushing the side of the ball, what changes do we make to adjust if the ball has topspin or backspin along with sidespin?
Can you guys please make a video answering this.
In my opinion, the answer is that if short sidespin backspin serve then we brush the side of the ball whit a more open bat angle and for short sidespin topspin serve we brush the side of the ball with a more closed bat angle.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Sid, yes thats a great little topic there. Myself and Dan are going to record an online live video tomorrow and I will be sure to inclue a section on this topic for the short side spin serves you mentioned. What you said there is correct, but we’ll go into a bit more detail on the topic which will hopefully help and be interesting. Keep an eye out for it on the site soon! 🙂

replied 2 months ago

Thanks a lot guys!

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