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Daniel Blyth asked 1 year ago
Hi Coaches, would you be able to review my game and give some feedback?
Overall I know that I am too passive in games and should try to finish the ball more but if you could pick out some ways that I could improve my technique or footwork that would be great!
Many thanks, Daniel
p.s. I am wearing a blue t-shirt.
Anyone else who wants to give tips feel free!

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Daniel! I’ve had a look at your match and there’s a lot of good stuff in here! I think you are right about trying to be more positive and less passive in your game. One thing I think will help you do this with the forehand is trying to take the ball a bit earlier and more in front of you, sometimes on the forehand your timing gets a bit late and then it’s a lot of effort to hit a strong topspin shot.

I also think making sure your right foot is slightly back when you are playing forehands will help this as well, it will let you turn your body and get the rotation and also the earlier timing too. I also think another area which will really help you is an area I’ve worked a lot on recently in my game which is getting more of a backhand topspin into my games and trying not to be passive and block on that side. So if you can try to brush over the ball a bit more on the backhands and not too much contacting through the back of it, this will help you get more spin and have more control in your shots.

Lastly I would say try to do lots of drills where you are stepping into the table for a short ball and then coming out for a topspin because if you can improve the speed of footwork and good low body position it will help you get a stronger attack at the start of the rally and get forced away from the table much less. Let us know how you are getting on. Dan 🙂

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