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rmlpdx asked 8 months ago

Hello!  When I try to attack no spin balls I often hit them long.  I think it is because I am starting the bat below the ball too much as if I were looping a push.  Any advice would be appreciated!

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi rmlpdx,

Great question I know what you mean. Often a common error with this shot is players go for to much pace and forget to still maintain a spin/brush motion as you contact the ball even though it is high. It sounds to me that you are over hitting the ball and not maintaining a calm motion on these high balls. When the ball is high, try to play with more quality and placement in mind, then recover and attack well for the next incoming shot. You don’t need to win outright on this type of ball for the time being, lets work on consistency and quality.

You have mentioned your bat starting to low, this could also be the case. Start with a higher bat on your back swing so you can brush over the ball. Interestingly we just released a new video on how to attack high balls on the backside side. Check it out here:

And here is a video on how to attack high short balls effectively:

Hope this helps 🙂


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