Coach CornerServe and ReceiveWhat kind of spin is there?
Allyot asked 3 years ago

Under Side Spin( side spin + down(backspin) ) or Top Spin Side Spin or Ordinary Side spin

1 Answers
Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Allyot,

Thanks for your question.

Where abouts in the video do you specifically mean? It’s just because Dimitrij is using a wide range of spins in this video clip. He is disguising doing a lot of backspin + Sidespin that looks topspin and vice versa. If you could let me know which time in the video I can let you know what spin is on the ball.

replied 3 years ago

what kind of service does it use, backspin + side and top spin + side and everything? Or still any?

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