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Casperr_l asked 1 month ago

From my start (around 14 y/o) in tabletennis, I was a very defensive pusher and player in general. As soon as I got into the seniors league, I worked really really hard to develop an offensive style, therefore switchig my whole style in a way. Lately I’m kind of interested to test myself again what playstyle suites me the best. I have tried long pimples fot a bit, found them really interesting yet really hard to control due to having no experience with them. My question now is;
Are there any playstyles best suited for long pimples, short pimples, anti or inverted players? I’m quite curious to try another more defensive style again for a season. Although nog sure if I should
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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Casper, I think it’s a very individual thing each persons playing style is very different and is what is most comfortable for them. So I think it’s good to experiment with your style and try to find what really works best and is comfortable for you. Of course you don’t want to do this too much and keep changing but for a while it’s good try to be different from other plays and find the best way for you.

Maybe the long pimples would work out with a bit more time and practice? But what I would say is give things a try for a while and see if you can find a rubber and style combination that you find the best. I hope thi helps.

Dan 🙂

replied 1 month ago

I will try the long pimples, always wondered how they would play. Also the chopping playstyle sounds very interesting to me (I also kind of play like that in padel). I’ll try it out for a season, thanks!

Casperr_l answered 1 month ago

Hello coach,
So I’ve tried a few long pimple rubbers with other people’s bats, and I’m convinced I want to get myself some long pimple rubbers on my backhand. Right now I’m using a cybershape wood with dna platinum H (2.3) on my forehand, and I’m wondering what kind of long pimples (and in what thickness) i should get. It’s a bit confusing and way too many options to choose. Any reccomendations?

Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Casper, yeah it is tricky with all the options. I would say definitely keep the Cybershape wood and the DNA platinum and go for something which has a decent amount of sponge because less sponge has quite a different feel and can be harder to control. So something like Tibhar grass d tecs is a good choice and comes in 1.2 or 1.6 sponge and has good control for returning spin. The other 2 popular and probably best choices would be TSP curl or Feint long from Butterfly, these are all good solid options and give you some choice of sponge thickness from around 1.2 to 1.7 as well. Hope these help you make a choice and get going with the long pimples!

Dan 🙂

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