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Resznotes asked 7 months ago

Hello Everyone,
I am wondering when you use either a forehand or backhand drive shot instead of a topspin? Do you see the Drive as more of a defensive shot when you are out of position or out of time for topspin, or is the Drive the shot of choice in certain situations? I was reading something online in which a coach suggested that the Drive was the shot to use when the player is closer to the table, while the topspin shot is the choice when one is farther back from the table. Is the Drive ever your preferred shot if both the Drive and a good topspin opportunity are available?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 7 months ago

Hi Susan, I would say most of the time you will be trying to topspin in match play and the drive is basically a shorter version with less spin, so sometimes if you are out of position or really struggling for time you may have to use a drive because it takes a little less backswing and time. Even when close to the table you can play a topspin if your shot is compact and recovery is good. The topspin is always the preferred shot because it gives you the spin, kick off the table and also speed and safety so always try to get into position and play a topspin where possible.
Dan 🙂 

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